Services we offer

The prices for our machines


Large Washer, from £3. Maximum Load 7kg.  Ideal for a weekly wash or bed linen.

Jumbo Washer, from £4. Maximum Load 13.5kg. Fantastic for towels, single duvets, cushion covers or a large post-holiday wash

Mammoth Washer, from £5. Maximum Load 18kg. Perfect for curtains, rugs, king size duvets, or sport kits.

Jumbo Dryer, From 50p. Maximum Load 13.5kg. Tumble your clothes dry £1 gives 10 minutes

Mammoth Dryer, From 50p. Maximum Load 20kg. Mix your washing loads and save money using one large dryer.

Extractor, From 20p. Maximum Load 7kg. Spin your clothes before drying to reduce drying time and cost

Recommend Soap Powder, 20p. Generous quantity to suit any washing load and programme.

Service Washing, prices vary depending on the service. To find your nearest service washing shop click here.